Manchester Mesivta KS3 and GCSE Revision
This site has been provided by The Manchester Mesivta School Mathematics Department for students taking Mathematics GCSE Foundation Exam in June.
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Lessons & Homeworks


In addition to the 5 lessons per week, students are issued 2 homeworks which should normally take about 2 hours per week.


Sometimes these homeworks will comprise topic specific questions. On other occasions they will be past examination papers. Details will be available on the school homework line for access by both students and parents 24-6. (Should you not know your pin number, please contact the school office.)


Students are expected to complete the work set in its entirety and submit it on the date specified.


Once marked work has been returned, students should perform corrections. Assistance can be sought in maths lessons, in the twice weekly Maths Clinic, or by fully revising the relevant topics by watching the appropriate MathsWatch video. This stage is particularly important as efforts can be focused on specific gaps in knowledge.


Revision Schedule


All students should spend a further 2 hours per week (rising to 3 per week as the exams draw closer) working their way through the Mathswatch revision schedule. For each topic, boys will watch a short video for around 10 minutes and then attempt its accompanying worksheet. The entire course comprises approximately 150 individual topics. It is imperative that students commence their revision schedule no later than the November preceding their GCSE exam.